Have you ever encountered the idea of enotourism?

At our place „Dream & Wine” you will find out the essence of the idea, the combination of travelling and wine tasting. The idea has been popular since ancient times, when people travelled to regions where vineyards were placed and wine produced.

Enotourism is not only visiting vineyards, exploring the regions where wine is produced, but above all, getting in touch with nature and spending time in nature. If you dream of a rest from the hustle and bustle and life in a hurry, taste enotourism with us. What distinguishes enotourism from other forms of travelling, is meeting people who deal with winemaking.

We are also enthusiasts who will willingly share with you the atmosphere and magic of this place, so that you yourselves can taste it and experience enotourism.

Enotourism can take a relaxing form and, on the contrary, it can be an active leisure activity tailored to your expectations. It all depends on you and your preferences.

We will try our best to meet all your expectations!