„The place which combines what we like the most. Good wine and good dreams.”

There are such connections which seem to be only natural or even inseparable. For instance, Beskid Żywiecki and quiet hiking trails without tourists; or Szczyrk and skiing; straw and the smell of childhood in the countryside; or wine and cheese. Here, in Żywiec famous for its brewery, we made a family vineyard, where we use the naturally grown grapes and without any chemicals, our works are created – pink Pinot Noir and white Cuvee.

Sen & Wino is set in the surroundings of oak forest, greenery of the southern slopes, birds singing and the atmosphere of constant relax; a place which combines what we like the most. Good wine and good dreams.

We are a family that decided to make a leisure complex for you because of our passion for nature. We built 3 ecological anti-allergic houses, their wooden skeletons are filled with blocks of straw, so dwelling in here is much better for your body than treatments in Busko Zdrój.

You know you may count on healthy sleep, home-made wine with a board of local delicacies, but you should know more. In winter, we jump into the ice hole or spend the whole day ski touring or skiing on the nearby slopes. In summer, we organise orienteering marches, burn calories riding bikes, and in the evenings, we relax in Jacuzzi with a glass of wine. We are eager to share our slow attractions with you. You are welcome to our Beskid Żywiecki. Where the landscape resembles Tuscany and family dreams come true.


Agnieszka and Szymon

Agnieszka is like light fresh white wine. Szymon is red dry with notes of ripe fruit. Together we make harmonious bouquet and active family. We share many interests. We love mountains, sport and travelling. We promote an ecological lifestyle. That’s why Sen&Wino is our ecological winery combined with clay houses. The wine adventure started because of our love for travelling, holiday visits to southern Europe. We relaxed there enjoying the beauty and sun. With every year we were more and more sure we want to take the magic of the places to our everyday life. So we made our vineyard in 2013. Then we wanted to share the good so our clay houses were built using the straw bale technology.